American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Commuting and the Urban Ride

Many of us at Seven would say that a daily bike commuter plans just as seriously as an elite road racer. The most committed of commuters battle rain, sleet, snow and other harsh conditions year around. They wake only to deal with icy, unplowed roads, freezing temperatures, and congested city streets all while trying to get to somewhere in time. You not only need to pack the right gear with an hourly eye on the weather maps, you want the right bike for the job. The podium prizes at the end of the day are all the benefits that commuting by bike creates—for both the individual and for the world.

Commuting and Urban Ride Models

Expat SL

This Expat SL is your year around, all around, winter ready bike. With plenty of room or studded tires and big fenders, this is a bike that you won't regret being on, even under the worst weather conditions. The durable components won't mind either - the salt, sleet, and snow. It's slightly more upright geometry will keep your wheels on the ground over icy roads and with heavy loads.

Cafe Racer

Simple and pure, the Cafe Racer celebrates the art of fluid mobility through city streets. Stripped to its essence, this fixed gear exudes a vibe that is equal parts form and function.

Axiom S

For a longer commute and greater versatility, the Axiom S is your go-to bike. Perfect when you feel like taking the long way home or even a weekend excursion, the Axiom S takes no days off.

Cafe Racer S

The Cafe Racer S is a stylish, yet capable transportation vehicle replete with options: brake choice, gearing options, belt or chain, wheel size, kick stand compatibility, tire width, and custom racks.