U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Building Your Perfect Bike

Give us ten minutes, and together we'll design your perfect bike.

Seven Cycles offers lots of type of bikes. We probably have more models than any other builder. This breadth and depth of our offerings ensure you get precisely that bike you want. The range of offerings can also get confusing. We've developed our Bike Designer Program to help make the process of determining your ideal bike easy and error proof.

We start by dividing all our bikes into a few categories. You can jump to these now if you want to get started: Mountain, Road, Gravel, Cyclocross, Tandem, Commuting, and Specialty.

Seven's Bike Designer Tool

The Bike Designer Program is unique among online bike chooser tools. It's more versatile, detailed, and complete than any we've seen, while still being easy to use. It takes, on average, about ten minutes to choose all the details of your bike we'll hand build just for you. By hand-building, we mean every element of framebuilding from machining each tube that goes into your frame through the final finish details you chose.

Seven's Bike Designer tool will lead you through the process step by simple step. First, pick your category of riding, then your model, material, and frame performance, then the parts kit, and finally your fit and bike size. We make each step is clear and straightforward. Along the way, you might learn a lot about Seven's unique process for designing and building your perfect bike.

Remember, we're always available to help you make design decisions.

Pricing for Complete Bikes and Framesets

Seven's complete bikes start at about $4,495. We have thousands of combinations of frame models, parts kits, and options that cover every conceivable type of riding. Once you've invested a few minutes in designing your bike with our Bike Designer Tool, we can provide you a precise price for your custom machine.

Seven framesets -- frame and fork together -- start at about $3,145. The final design, options, and model affect the price. Our Bike Designer Took can help you determine the price for your ideal frameset. Seven does not offer frames without forks because the fork is integral with the frame's performance. If you're interested in a frameset only, follow the Bike Designer Tool process, and you will find the frameset ordering path once you've chosen your frame model and performance characteristics.

The Bike Designer Tool starts here with choosing your type or category of riding.

Two Paths to Your Perfect Bike

You can use our website's Bike Builder Tool to lead you through the design optimization process, or you can work with one of our Certified Seven Retailers to design your ideal bike.

Remember, we're always available to help you make design decisions.

Choose Seven's Bike Designer Tool if:
  • You're confident in your bike knowledge regarding basic component preferences, clarity regarding how you'll ride your bike, and the bike fit that you want.
  • You don't feel you need a custom bike.
  • know the fit you want. We can provide you the right size based on your fit, or you can use Seven's 'stack' and 'reach' data to determine your ideal frame size. Seven offers numerous customizable fit options in the Bike Designer Tool, so if you know your riding position, we're confident that we have a bike size that will fit and perform flawlessly for you.
  • Lead-time is important. You want your bike in a matter of weeks rather than months.
  • You're in an area without an authorized Seven retailer. Using Seven's Bike Designer Tool helps Seven better understand your cycling interests and requirements. You complete the Designer Program steps and email the information to Seven.
  • You want to pick up your fully assembled bike at your local authorized Seven Cycles retailer but are otherwise confident in your bike building choices.
Choose Seven's Custom Kit Questionnaire and retailer collaboration if:
  • You're not sure of what bike model or parts kit would be best for your type of riding.
  • You're not sure of your ideal fit and therefore unsure of what size bike you need.
  • You prefer to work with a Seven retailer throughout the entire process.
  • You want to start with a blank canvas and design your bike from the ground up.

You'll find the Custom Kit here if you prefer full detailed customization.

The Bike Designer Tool starts here with choosing your type or category of riding.

Sevens by Category

Mountain Biking

Seven builds the most progressive cross-country and trail bikes available. We have an extensive line of dual suspension and hardtail bikes available in multiple wheel sizes and for every kind of offroad riding from pro level cross country racing to the Tour Divide and everything in between.

Whether you're looking for the most progressive suspension bike on the market or a fully rigid singlespeed race bike we've got you covered.

I'm interested in Seven's mountain bikes. Let's see them.

Why Seven for Mountain?

Seven began 22 years ago as a mountain bike builder. Our four founders were mountain bike racers. Throughout our history, we've partnered with the smartest suspension designers the industry has ever known. Our offroad bikes are endlessly race bred and bikepack proven.

Let's look at mountain bikes!

Road Riding

Seven defines the road bike category as pavement bikes that may see dirt roads sometimes. This universe of bikes includes all manner of brake options including disc, short reach caliper, and medium reach calipers. Most of Seven's road bikes are 700c or 650b wheel sizes.

I'm interested in Seven's road bikes. Let's see them.

In the road category, we also include randonnee bikes, loaded touring, road plus bikes, and anything else that's designed primarily for pavement.

Why Seven for Road?

The majority of Seven's 35,000+ custom bikes have been road-centric projects. We've built every type of road bike -- from machines for national champions and grand tour winners to Paris-Brest-Paris athletes, and every kind of road adventure in between. We don't think you'll find a more experienced custom road bike builder. Seven's have been ridden all over the world in every condition imaginable.

Let's look at road bikes!

Gravel and Mixed-Terrain Riding

The gravel category includes any bike designed to be equally at home in the dirt and on pavement. This covers a lot of riding types. Whether you want to explore your local dirt roads in ways you never could before or prepare for Dirty Kanza, we can build your perfect adventure bike. Seven's gravel category includes an exhaustive series of 700c, 650b, and double wheelset bikes that cover every imaginable stretching of the terms "gravel" and "mixed-terrain."

I'm interested in Seven's gravel and mixed-terrain bikes. Let's see them.

Why Seven for Gravel?

Seven's Evergreen gravel bike has become a category-defining design for the entire industry. Its forward-thinking geometry and functional versatility have become legendary. It's the bike that most of our employees reach for on their daily rides. Find out why.

Let's look at gravel bikes!

Cyclocross Riding

Seven has a long history in both local and international cyclocross. Whether it's the GP of Gloucester (aka New England World Championships) or the real World Cup races held in Europe, Seven has been represented from top pros and Cat 4 enthusiasts for decades. Cyclocross is a special category, combining the twitchy, technical characteristics of criterium racing bikes with the dirt-specific characteristics of mountain bikes.

Our experience in 'cross runs the gamut, from traditional 2x drivetrains with cantilever brakes to modern 1x setups with disc brakes, and throw in single-speed or even belt drive for good measure.

I race cross, show me what Seven can do for me.

Why Seven for Cyclocross?

Seven's ground up approach to bike building allows you tune critical cyclocross race factors like speed of handling, acceleration and traction. 'Cross racers all have strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to accentuate what you're good at, while giving you every advantage in areas you might struggle.

Let's look at cyclocross bikes!

Tandem Riding

The overwhelming value of a custom tandem is in being able to accommodate two riders with different and independent fit needs, something a stock sized tandem just can't do. You don't have to compromise the stoker's comfort for the captain, or vice versa. And all the custom features you expect from a single bike are available on our tandem's too, like rack and fender mounts, extra water bottle cages, or even belt-drive capability.

Seven builds road, gravel and mountain tandems, so we cover every surface, too. I'm interested in Seven's tandem bikes. Take me to 'em.

Why Seven for Tandeming?

Seven's founder is a tandemer and can be found riding a tandem more often than any other bikes. He designed and welded his first tandem more than 30-years ago and has been making design improvements ever since.

We've built a lot of tandems, for couples looking to spend more ride time together to racers headed for the Paralympics. We've built tandems for gravel racing and for single-track exploration. It's our ability to tailor both cockpits for a tandem team that makes what we do singular in the tandem market today.

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Many of our road, gravel and mountain riders actually spend more time on their commuter bikes than any other bike they own. That's why we offer so much design flexibility for our commuter bikes. Choose from drop bar or flat bar, disc or rim brake. Add rack and fender mounts, generator hubs for head and taillights. Dial in that perfect, comfortable riding position with your head up and maximum visibility. We can even put reflective Seven logos on your bike, so you light up in traffic.

I'm a hardcore commuter. Let's see them.

Why Seven for Commuting?

Commuters are some of the most highly personalized bikes we build, because everyone has their own idea of what works best. We consider your needs, long commute or short, heavy traffic or light, and come up with the best possible solution to keep you safe, carry all your things, and make you look good doing it.

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Specialty Bikes

When you build custom bikes, each one made one-at-a-time, with its own geometry and tubeset and ride characteristics, its own unique features, everyone is pretty special. If you've arrived here, at Specialty Bikes, it's because you're looking for some feature or category that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, a Rohloff belt drive mountain bike maybe, a special randonneuring rig.

Share your vision with us. Almost all of the features we offer can be combined in surprising ways to produce a bike that spans or defies categories.

Show me some Specialty bike categories.

Why Seven for Specialty?

We are able, not just willing, to take on a special project. It's baked right into the way we build bikes, from raw tubing and our own parts.

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