American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Custom Bicycle Frame Painter

Painter Mission

The painting team’s mission is to produce flawless products at the rate required by customers through continuous improvement of production processes, developing individual capabilities, working as a team, and responding to market demands as communicated by the sales and marketing team.

Basic Function

To meet Seven’s paint team targets for product accuracy, labor hours per frame, and capabilities development. Painting at Seven Cycles is a combination of artistry, chemistry and production. The painters at Seven have an interest in the complex process of painting as a technical skill as well as the artistry of the finished product.


  • Meet team based targets for production units per day and week
  • Meet team based targets for labor hours per unit
  • Maintenance, cleanliness, and orderliness of tools and work areas
  • Commitment to understanding, learning, and improving Seven’s Process Methodology
  • Developing, defining, and implementing improvement projects
  • Support success of the final machining team, other teams, and the company
  • Commitment to developing capabilities and skills

Performance evaluation metrics

  • Productivity: labor hours per frame as a percent of target
  • Accuracy: Finish quality meets and exceeds specifications
  • Volume: production rate as a percent of the target
  • Profit—specific to painting—as a percent of the target
  • Expenditures as a percent of the budget for production teams
  • Co-worker and customer feedback
  • Individual capabilities development

Traits and Profiles

  • Responsibility: Dependable and accountable; delivers on time, within budget, and as specified
  • Values: High levels of integrity, honesty, and responsibility
  • Intensity: High stamina and endurance; focus on work activities
  • Detail-Oriented: In all aspects of final machining: Prep, Support Work, Equipment Maintenance
  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt to changes in both environmental conditions and adjust the process accordingly
  • Steadiness: Ability to work in close quarters at exacting tasks
  • Creativity: In both problem solving and ability to exceed customers finish expectations.
  • Discerner: Skilled in self-appraisal; sort the critical from the superfluous and take action
  • Proactive: Looks for solutions; initiates change and improvement
  • Relater: Outgoing and congenial; promotes positive relationships
  • Project management: Excellence in the management of projects, people, deadlines, constraints, etc.
  • Technical mastery: Committed to continual self-education; large store of industry knowledge

Ideal Professional Background

  • Cycling experience: enthusiast
  • Basic spray paint knowledge
  • Experience with single-piece-flow or the Toyota Production System