American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Materials Technology | Tube Sets

Materials Technology

Cirrus™ Ultra-butted 3-2.5 titanium:
Specifically engineered for light weight, Ultra-butting varies the wall thickness continuously along the tube, shaving weight wherever possible for our lightest tube set ever.

Cirrus TC™ Ultra-butted™ titanium and carbon fiber:
Features a blend of filament-wound carbon fiber and our super-light Cirrus Ultra-butted 3-2.5 titanium.

Argen™ double-butted 3-2.5 titanium:
The cornerstone of our materials offerings, Argen provides the perfect balance of lightweight, responsiveness, and durability.

Integrity 325™ straight-gauge 3-2.5 titanium:
A high-performance straight-gauge tube set for ultra-durability and greater affordability.

Argen TC™ double-butted 3-2.5 titanium & carbon fiber:
Features a blend of filament-wound carbon fiber with our high-performance Argen™ tubing for lighter weight and excellent dampening characteristics.

Origin™ double-butted steel:
A custom blend of the highest quality steels, making possible the best performing lightweight steel frames available.