U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Seven’s Fit Methodology

Fit Methodology

Seven is among the most trusted names in bike fit and has become virtually synonymous with customization. Backed by over 30,000 successful fittings, Seven's Fit Methodology™ (SFM™) is a comprehensive, data-driven system resulting from a 15-year study of ergonomics, biomechanics, kinesiology, and the overall state of bike fitting.

Integral to SFM™ is our 4-page Custom Kit™. Its 100-plus data points supply us with more relevant information about you and your riding than any other fit system. And with a full-time fit specialist available to you throughout the entire process, SFM™ provides the highest level of service and support.

“I am absolutely, without any question loving the bike. Faster than hell, supple when I want it to be, rock solid under fire. Simply, utterly, brilliant fun.”
–Stuart H., OH