American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix


One of Seven‘s competitive advantages is in the manufacture of fully customized bicycle frames and accessories. While Seven does offer stock frames in more than 200 sizes, each are still built-to-order and a full 95 percent of the bicycle frames that Seven ships are completely custom. Customized elements include frame size, frame geometry, tubing diameters and wall thickness, and countless options such as cable routing, water bottle mounts, paint color and decal color. Every custom option is available at no additional charge and the number of combinations is virtually infinite.

Each frame‘s tube set, which is as important as the frame‘s geometry to ride quality, is chosen specifically for the rider. Seven hand picks each frame‘s tube set to get just the right combination of tube diameter and wall thickness to suit the rider‘s weight, riding style, intended use, age, and riding terrain. Specifications for titanium tubes are determined and generated within Seven‘s manufacturing plant. For its steel frames, Seven chooses among tubes built by several manufacturers to increase our range of options and enable us to be as rider-specific as possible. (Most manufacturers offer tubes built by a single manufacturer.)

Seven‘s Custom Kit™, found in the back of each brochure, is a detailed questionnaire that asks the cyclist more than one hundred questions. The cyclist, in conjunction with an authorized Seven retailer, provides body measurements, current bike measurements and riding style, as well as identifies what they like and dislike about riding their current bike, from handling characteristics to back or neck pain. From this information and from conversations with the customer and their bike retailer, Seven develops custom geometry and a custom tube set so that the design of the frame is fine-tuned specifically for the cyclist.

Seven’s Five Elements™

Fit and Comfort

1. Fit and Comfort

Feeling better translates into riding better. Being able to ride longer or faster, or alleviate pain and discomfort are all part of the benefits a personalized design can offer.

Performance and Handling

2. Handling and Performance

Descend confidently, corner authoritatively, or simply take your hand off the bars to adjust clothing, Seven tailors your geometry to perform in ways ideally suited to your riding style.

Tubing and Materials

3. Tubing and Materials

Geometry matters, but that’s only half the story. An equal share of your bike’s handling and comfort come from the tubing. Only a tubeset hand selected for you can deliver stiffness, compliance and responsiveness that is uniquely yours.

Features and Options

4. Features and Options

Top tube slope, fender or rack mounts, wheel size, special component compatibility, and paint schemes are just some of the features and options available. Choose exactly what you want. What could be more personal?

The Future

5. The Future

Where do you see yourself five years from now? As your new Seven takes you into the future, we consider how your needs shift over time. We avoid fads and gimmicks, instead concentrating on benefits that serve you for years to come.

Reaches the Next Level

What if it’s your bike, not your ability, that’s limiting your potential? Can you recognize what’s missing? Imagine if each ride could renew your passion? At Seven, we focus all our energies to deliver the benefits that matter most to you. At the core of our approach to frame design is what we call the Five Elements of Customization™. Each element can help you discover that what you considered your limits were really just the limits of your bike.

Custom Kit

Signature Size Program

“The ride quality, handling and fit were as precisely tailored to my desires as a suit from a Savile Row tailor.”