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The Local Bike Shop (LBS)

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Here at holiday time, as people dash around looking for last minute gifts, we wanted to say a quick word about local bike shops

The Internet is a magical thing, a tool that has allowed us to share information (like this blog) with greater ease than all the technologies of previous centuries combined, and yet we’ve learned that the Internet isn’t a solution for every challenge we face.

Everyday we get calls and emails from people interested in our bikes, and often they want to know if they can order a bike directly through our website. Technologically, it is possible.

But, we persist in the belief that the local bike shop is the best solution for the challenge of building a custom bike.

There are a number of reasons we feel this way:

1) Local, local, local – We build bikes for riders all over the world, but we believe in doing business locally whenever possible. And the only way for us to be local to many of our riders is by having a local expert who is intimately familiar with our products and processes. That local expertise is critical to building good bikes, and it comes from the local shops we’ve partnered with from the beginning.

2) Collaboration – Building a custom bike is a collaborative process. As the builder, we need the input of the rider to know not only the correct proportions for the bike, but also how the bike needs to feel and what features it needs to have. The local bike shop has spent years (sometimes decades) fitting riders to their bikes and anticipating issues before they start. Their input to the design process is critical.

3) Lifetime service – We expect your Seven to be the best bike you’ve ever owned, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever need service. Proper and regular maintenance is key to the quality and longevity of your bike. That service comes from the LBS, and it is always better when the shop was also involved with the initial design and assembly of the bike.

4) Advocacy – Cycling is a sport that depends on community, and few entities do more to support that community than the local bike shop. From group rides to charity events to racing teams, the LBS is almost always the hub for the cycling community. Working with these key players is the best way for Seven to support cycling in your community.

Happy Holidays all, from Seven.


On the Road: Tony B Evergreens Chicagoland

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

We built this Evergreen SL (with S&S Couplers) for our good friend Tony at Velosmith Bicycle Studio on Chicago’s north shore. Tony wanted it for an annual ride he does with some friends. That ride involves a pre-dawn alarm clock, a train trip and a long, rambling food-filled ride back home.

Perfect Circles

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Circles is a different kind of bike shop. Nestled into a busy neighborhood in Nagoya, Japan, Circles is a multi-level celebration of cycling and cycling culture that includes a high-volume service center, a paint shop, a clothing store, a breakfast cafe, and at any given moment another business that springs from the mind of its owner, Shinya Tanaka. Shinya is a dreamer, a guy who spends as much time thinking about where cycling fits in Japanese society as he does about what bikes to stock in his shop, and we have enjoyed working with him to augment what we are doing in Japan. From his office at Circles he also runs a nationwide distribution network called SimWorks.

During a recent visit, he brought a photographer and videographer to capture what we do, so that he can share his passion for hand-made bikes with his already ardent customer base.

Here are just a few of the images they captured.