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Outdoors Inc. – Evergreening the Arkansas Dirt

Monday, August 3rd, 2015


Our good friends at Outdoors, Inc. have been supporters of Seven for a long time, including us in their annual cyclocross race and riding our bikes on many of their personal adventures. This week, we got a note from Joel, their buyer and manager, and also, as you’ll see below, a sharp photographer.

Good morning Seven,

I am sure you get a ton of these type emails but thought I would add to them. I recently moved to Arkansas right across the River from Memphis, and finally got to bring the Evergreen home with me for the weekend. This bike was so much fun. From deep gravel to deep dirt to crossing some drainage ditches, it rolled on through. At one point I was actually in a field with soybeans three feet up on both sides of me.

Thanks so much for working with us. We love being a Seven dealer. Have a good one.

Joel @ Outdoors Inc.


Seven in the Pyrenees

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

FullSizeRenderWith the Tour de France just over, now seems like a good time to share Steve’s photos of himself and his Seven Axiom SL on the Col du Sulour, the Portilhon and the Col du Tourmalet. We built this bike last year with our friends at Palo Alto Bicycles, and painted it in a classic panel scheme in Cueball White and Remedios Red.


Steve says:

Did the key climbs used by the Tour de France over the years on a 6 day ride in the PyreneesDid Col de Tourmalet ( and Col d’Aspin) on june 29 ( my 60th bday!)-which,  

Love my Seven


Robin’s Elium SL

Monday, July 13th, 2015

This is one of those rider emails that makes your whole day. We built Robin’s Elium SL in 2010 with Bob Olsen at Wheel Werks in Crystal Lake, IL. You can’t tell from this photo, but it’s a beautiful bike. Five years later, she writes:

EliumInBedHi Seven,

I ran across this old email and had to drop you a note. You helped me build my bike 5-years ago and I hope you’ll be happy to learn that it still is the best money I’ve ever spent. My Elium has traveled with me across the country (see it lounging in a hotel room bed below), participated in countless cycling events and logged thousands of miles, yet I never tire of it!

I appreciate the work you and the Seven team does to ensure every mm is spec’d and each detail closely tended to. I can truly say I LOVE my bike!

Continued success,


Williams Bay, WI

Andrew’s – Axiom SL

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Bike ScotlandThis is Andrew and his new Axiom SL in Scotland. We designed it together with our friends at Signature Cycles in Manhattan. It features a subtle custom bead-blasted finish.

Andrew says:

S8jxrBUcHwzq09z0A3jc9mUOXufPUk8X96wOPFbiY7w,meW2t0wwje_EdYkiwlZSFl7V_RZS1GVPXSDOhHN6FhsMy Seven is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  The amazing fit and ride quality mean that — for the first time in my life — I can enjoy long rides without suffering from back pain.  And the process of building a bike with all the features I wanted was terrific fun; now I have a bike I can use for road rides, touring, and even commuting to work! I love this bike and look forward to many years riding it!

Thanks for all the diligent work on my bike — you guys are the best!


A Month with the Lake

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

We recently received this story from our friends at Velosmith. Two Seven riders, whose bikes we built just last year, are headed out for a month-long trip round Lake Michigan. See the story below:


Ask Suzie LaBelle about her Seven and she will tell you about its geometry and handling. She understands how the weight of the bike and the material used affects her performance and feel of the ride. And she knows that it feels stable on climbs, descents, and around corners.

Sounds like a hardcore, performance-minded racer, right?

In this case, you’d be incorrect. You won’t find Suzie on the local race circuit. Rather, you’ll find her in the midst of a month-long, fully self-supported, 1,400-mile bike trip around Lake Michigan.

The Adventure

The trip around Lake Michigan began May 17 and will take 30 days in total: 25 days of riding and five rest days. Suzie and her riding partner Will – also a Seven rider – met through the Evanston Bicycle Club, a local group of cyclists who ride together several times a week.

They soon discovered they both had a taste for adventure, and started to plan this tour. It will be self-supported; both Sevens are equipped with racks and they will carry only what they need.

“Will is a stronger rider than I am so he gets to pull in the wind,” she says with a chuckle. In addition to their own personal items, they’ve compromised on who carries what on their bikes. “He gets to carry the tools and I carry the first aid kit.”
The Training

Suzie and Will are both in their 60s, but don’t let their age fool you. These are two strong and experienced riders, and preparing for the trip meant many hours in the saddle.

Their typical week consisted of a moderate ride of 40-50 miles on Tuesday, a hard 40 miles on Wednesday, a fast 50 miles on Friday, and about 60 miles on one or both days over the weekend.

“For me this is more than an athletic undertaking. This is a journey – a pilgrimage – and I want time to stop and see the sites around Lake Michigan.”

The Best (and Possible Worst)

Suzie did most of the route planning and is most looking forward to discovering what she calls the “reality under the maps.”

“I love making the routes, visualizing what it will be like. I look forward to being in that environment day after day. And when we get there, discovering hidden meadows, hills, and lakes that maps don’t always show. “

She’s most concerned about the weather, especially as they get up towards the Upper Peninsula – which can still include very cold temps and snow at this time of year.

“Through our club contacts, we’ve been able to line up emergency people along the way in case we encounter extreme weather or a mechanical issue we can’t resolve ourselves.”


For more, follow along on their blog, or read more in the Chicago Tribune.