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The Bikes of Summer

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

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Ravi K’s 622 SLX

Monday, May 19th, 2014

RkhalsaThis is Ravi’s 622 SLX. We worked with Faster in Scottsdale, AZ on the design. This photo was taken on a particularly nice day in the Southwest.

Ravi wrote us this morning to say:

Still the best ride I’ve ever had.

Thanks, Ravi. Keep making us look good.

More as Sculpture – Leon’s Axiom S

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Seven_Mar-18-2014Last month, together with our good friends at Velosmith, we delivered an Axiom S to professional photographer Leon Ikler. And before Tony and Andrew at the shop could work their magic on the final build, Leon took the frame away to photograph in his studio.

Leon said, “My idea was to capture the form and detail of the frame more as sculpture then just a shot of the bike from the “drive side” and I’m pleased to share my vision with you.”

Here is some of Leon’s vision:





Dan F’s Pretty Metal Warship

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


“Pretty Metal Warship”

I have been on a quest for the perfect bicycle since 2005. I tried several. If the bike was not too stiff, it was too flexible. If it was comfortable it was heavy, and when it was light, it had twitchy handling. When the bikes handled well in the corners, they accelerated slowly, and those that were responsive to stomping on the pedals handled poorly on the descents.

I wanted it all. I wanted a geared bike with the option of running a single speed. I wanted a cyclocross race weapon that could keep up on a 60 mile group ride while giving me the stopping consistency of disc brakes. I wanted a bike that was light, stiff AND comfortable. I wanted a bike that no one else had.

DSC_0003After taking a detour through the years of carbon fiber-mania, eccentric bottom brackets and hefty 4130 steel bikes, I approached my pals at Team Active. I told Dutch and Mike of my vision for the perfect pedal machine, and they knew the only possible way to “have it all” would be a project with Seven Cycles.

This was not my first custom build. I had worked with redacted, redacted and redacted on other frames.  The difference and attention to detail was evident in the first steps of the process. The multi-page application and fit procedure covered everything from the length of the stem I rode last season to the distance between my clavicle and shoulder. Once my body measurements were taken, checked, and double-checked, Mike and I discussed my riding preferences as they related to the position on the bike. Flexibility, handling preferences and component selection were all considered. A couple of phone calls later and I was signing on the dotted line ready to start my custom build.

This is where my experience in custom frame building ends. My previous builds ended with the fit document, and 3 weeks later I had a fancy machine on my front porch.

DSC_0007The experience of Seven Cycles went beyond this traditional approach, and started with a phone conversation with Dan, their designer. This interview covered every bike I had ridden for the last 5 seasons, cyclocross course conditions in Michigan, tubing selection and ride quality. We talked about the advantages of an oversize head tube, pressfit bottom bracket and component selection options. Tire clearance, disc brake tab position, cable routing, frame angles and chain ring clearance were debated. We discussed the dropouts at length and compared the advantages of titanium over steel. The conversation put my mind at ease, and before seeing the frame, I knew it was going to be everything I was looking for.

A few days later I received the CAD sketches of my proposed frame design, along with tube length and angle measurements. Dan and I emailed back and forth, making some minor adjustments based on handling preferences, before settling on a final design that was tailored to my riding preferences and Seven Cycle’s meticulous fit methodology. The sketch was faxed to Mike at Team Active for another signature, and I was officially in the build “queue.”

The waiting was horrible. Even with the snow covered asphalt and bitterly cold temperatures, I still dreamt of riding my new bike. I had the build kit, headset and wheels staged on the work bench with all the necessary tools for the build. I googled images of similar Seven builds, and checked my build progress on the Seven site daily.

5 weeks and 3 days later the frame arrived. I was stuck home with a napping toddler when the call came, so Dutch at Team Active delivered it to my house so I could start the build. 1 x 10 SRAM drivetrain, Velocity USA hoops, Thomson cock pit, 3 New Belgium Fat Tire Ales and a Fizik saddle complimented the titanium finish nicely.

By biggest take away from working with Team Active and Seven Cycles was my role in the process. It was very much a team effort to to build a machine that exceeded my standards for performance, while maintaining an efficient and comfortable riding position.

- Dan F – Battle Creek, MI

Roxanne’s Axiom S

Thursday, December 12th, 2013


This is Roxanne’s Axiom S. We built it with one of our favorite fitters, Jess at Two Wheel Tango. Roxanne opted for custom blue decals to match her bar tape. We like it a lot. Now we’re just waiting for a warm winter day, so she can show it off to the world.

Roxanne says:

Waiting for a ride! Brutal cold here in MI! Thanks for all your help and excellent work by your staff! She’s a beauty!

Patrick D’s Elium SL

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Patrick_Davis_EliumSLThis is Patrick’s Elium SL with Pointed Panel paint scheme, finished out with SRAM Red components, another collaboration with our friends at High Gear Cyclery in Stirling, NJ.

Patrick says:

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to the entire team that built my frame.  The process was thorough, simple and fast!! The frame is beyond all my expectations and looks simply amazing.

Seven at Worlds XTerra 2013

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

IMG_0359We received this picture from Romaric Delepine, XTerra World Champion in the 35-39 bracket. He rode his Seven Sola SLX to 21st overall at the recent Championships in Maui. He was the 2nd amateur to cross the line in what was a fantastic performance on a fantastic day.

This is just another example of the amazing and unexpected things people do on our bikes, and we couldn’t feel happier to be along for the ride.

Romaric says:

Hi! Just back in France after 3 weeks in Maui and an amazing result! Thanks for you help. You can be proud of your bike!

Seven at the Gran Fondo Hincapie

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Chernoff This is our good friend Eric from High Gear Cyclery in Stirling, NJ on his Seven Axiom SL at the recent Gran Fondo Hincapie which takes place in the beautiful Blue Ridge foothills. Eric has been putting in big miles on his Seven this season, and pictures like this are his deserved trophy.

Eric says:Chernoff_Hincapie

Hi Neil, love my Axiom SL. Climbs great, and handled the descents in the most confidence-inspiring way!

Here is Eric with Big George himself, post-ride.

Joe W’s Axiom SL

Friday, November 8th, 2013

2013-11-01 08.53.34We ran into Joe at the StarCrossed race in Redmond, WA. when he had just ordered his custom Axiom SL from Cascade Bicycle Studio. He opted for an oversized headtube  and a BB30 bottom bracket, as well as a stealthy, blasted decal, so we were curious to see what the final build would look like. And now, here it is.

Joe says:

When we talked at StarCrossed you ask for a finished photo of the new ride. It turned out great. Looking forward to putting some long hours on it this winter. Also, it came in pretty darn light, 16.2 lbs with tire liners, cages, pedals and a power meter (~270gr for the spider alone).

 Thanks to you and the rest of the Seven crew for putting together an awesome frame!

 - Joe

Stephen’s Mudhoney SL – A Love Letter

Monday, November 4th, 2013


This is Stephen’s Mudhoney SL, built with our friends at Sigma Sport in Surrey, UK. We might tell you more about the bike, but Stephen has done that for us. There is no better email to get from a rider than one like this.

Stephen says:

Hello Seven,

I promised myself a Seven for my 60th to keep me fit into my dotage. I needed a performance bike; one suited to my advancing years but capable of going anywhere. It’d have to be versatile, comfortable, tough, low maintenance and reliable. Thus, the Mudhoney SL stood out and, with the expert guidance of Mick Silles at Sigma Sport of Kingston Upon Thames in UK, my bespoke Seven took shape.

Getting the specification just right took several months, but throughout, Mick was the very best adviser. He listened carefully and accurately translated desires into needs (both frame and components). Mostly this was happening at a distance, because though I’m a Brit, I live in Vienna, Austria. I visited Sigma just three times, first to spec’ the bike, then for very thorough fittings and finally to take delivery. In between there were lots of emails!  You surely know it already, but in Mick you have an excellent UK representative, advocate and enthusiast.

So now I’ve been riding the bike for a couple of weeks since delivery. With true good fortune, this Austrian October has been unseasonally warm and sunny – in fact, perfect cycling weather. I’ve taken advantage of that and taken off into the Wienerwald at every opportunity. On road and trail the bike is a revelation!

In climbs I’ve become instantly fitter (or just maybe, the Seven frame transmits way more energy to the road). The bike is comfortable and assured. I get no pins and needles in my hands, nor tired shoulders. Everything just falls to hand and I’m perfectly positioned to ride for hours on end. I corner confidently, everything feels taut and I know exactly what’s going on where tyres hit road.  Nothing creaks or flexes, even when I’m pedaling out of the saddle.

SE_Mud1Then there’s the aesthetics. I wanted an understated look. No paint, no discs, no suspension, no accessories. Avid Shorty canti’s, Chris King ‘Sotto Voce’ components, ENVE CX forks …. everything bare titanium or plain black. It looks fantastic but rides even better!  Incidentally, for the record, I’m now a convert and consequent zealot for Shimano’s amazing Ui2 gearset – beautifully integrated into the Mudhoney frame, battery and all.

In summary, I got the bike I desired and, thanks to Sigma Sport’s good advice and the skills of the Seven Team (especially Lauren Trout and Stef Adams – oh God, those welds) I ended up with every machine I needed for fitness, sport and fun. I’m in love!

I’m so impressed with the craftsmanship, the attention to detail (like the inspired chain hanger and the rear canti’ cable post) and above all, with the way you’ve served your motto – I got my one bike and mine alone.

I’m motivated alright – next spring I’ll try the Grossglockner ….

Thank you for making me a very happy customer.