Roger and Lori’s Axiom 007 SL

This is Lori and Roger and their new  Axiom 007 SL tandem on a trip to the Smoky Mountains. We delivered this one with our buddy Chris, the Bicycle Fit Guru.

They were kind enough to send this photo and a brief note.

GrayTandemDear Seven:

It is an amazing bike. We just love it!! Back, neck, shoulder and hip pain all gone. Minimal hand numbness now and no foot numbness. Good grief why did we wait so long to get a new bike? The feel of this bike is unbelievable. We are so very pleased.

We really love our new bike. Thank your working so hard on it for us.


Lori and Roger

The Enigmatic and Sincerely Fast Giovani

Gio1Right now, our good friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle are running a daily contest in concert with a mutual friend of ours, a quixotic Italian pro named Giovani.

Having not made his team’s Giro d’Italia roster (again), he is training in the misty hills of his adopted American home, and every day he posts his times for various routes. If riders, everyday schlubs like us, can beat his time, then a prize can be retrieved from CBS.

Gio2Now, not all of us can get to Seattle, and even if we could, a formidably strong rider like Giovani is tough to beat, BUT even if you can’t be there, it’s worth following along, if only for Gio’s commentary and photos.

DSC_0609“sun shines on #cbsgirobike except for days of rain”

Our erstwhile Italian friend is riding the special edition Giro Bike we built with the guys at CBS a few seasons back.

Follow along with the highly comical adventure here and here.

For Riders

11884668_10153581271177720_5026513863694382313_oOne of the natural and best outcomes of building bikes the way we do is the relationships we have with our customers. We get to know them, both through the design interview and through ongoing correspondence. We are fortunate to receive a lot of photos and a lot of thank you notes. Most Sevens are on the road more than a decade, so we have occasion to work with our riders on refinishes, upgrades, and general service questions. Many of them come back for more than one bike. We design around their evolving bodies and their evolving interests, and we get to know them in that way, too.

It is not often that a customer calls and their name doesn’t ring a bell with someone here.

Because each Seven is different, certain paint jobs stick in our minds, so that when we see them, months or years later, we remember the person who rides the bike. Often they are friends or family of other Seven riders, and that is another way to make connections.

We can’t say enough how gratifying it is to make bikes for people, instead of for “markets,” to know our riders and see how our bikes fit in their lives. In some ways it’s like working on more than a bike with them. It’s like working on their cycling, and that’s part of what makes what we do so worthwhile.

Seven in Chicago Magazine

We were fortunate to be featured in Chicago Magazine this last month, with a little help from our friends at Get-a-Grip Cycles. With a two-page spread of our (actually rider Shawn Briggs’) 622 SLX, the piece does a nice job of quickly dissecting what goes into a bike customized to the nines. Many potential riders can by put off by a price tag, without considering all the components that go into it, and the long term value you get from designing and building the right thing the first timChicagoMag2e.ChicagoMag1