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Some Sundays

Friday, January 16th, 2015

It’s a funny post title for a Friday, but Some Sundays is how we think about the great rides of the year. Some Sundays everything is perfect, the weather, the group, the route. It all comes together in that alchemical mix. You look up from the handlebars and realize you’re having as much fun as a responsible adult has any right to. And then you’re sitting in the cafe or on the couch in the afterglow, caffeine (or beer) and endorphins swirling around in your head, the happiness of the hard-riding cyclist.

On Fridays here at Seven, there is a constant chatter about who’s riding what over the weekend. Some will ride in the woods, others on the road. Some will join big groups out of one of the local shops. Others will ride in twos and threes, everyone finding their spot, scheduling around commitments, family obligations, errands, riding at night sometimes, for fun, or because there’s just no other time.

Like you, we all aim to ride every Sunday, but life gets in the way. Despite what we all say, there are things more important than riding bikes. But some Sundays it all comes together, even when Sunday is Saturday, or Friday, or Monday morning before work.

Here’s to a great January Sunday morning ride for all of us.

On the Road: Dan Sharp in Oregon

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

It is easy to fall into the trap of the big ride, the grand statement. Why ride if you’re not going to put up big miles? Why stop to enjoy the view, if you’re not at the Grand Canyon. But adventure is everywhere, on our daily commutes, at our local trail systems, down roads we’ve just never turned onto before. Daniel Sharp lives in Portland, Oregon, and though his ambitions took him to the Alaskan backcountry, he is also willing to engage the wild in his own backyard, as on a recent trip from the Hood River to the Dog River.

Below you’ll find some of his thoughts on the trip, and of course, his beautiful photos for inspiration.