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100 Centuries

Monday, November 16th, 2015

This is Lenny, one of the more extraordinary cyclists you will meet. He is not the fastest, not the strongest, but he has something that few others have, a preternatural persistence that has produced prodigious results. His story, in his own words, below.


             In May 2003 I took ownership of my Seven Axiom serial # 5103J14. I had ridden 55 lifetime centuries to date and planned to ride my new Seven with the goal of reaching the 100 centuries mark. In July 2003 I rode my 1st on it CRW Climb to the Clouds for the 4th time.

Well fast forward 4 years to July 2007 and I hit 100 century mark with my 45th one on the Seven. It was a tri-tate century route from my house in MA up along the NH coastline into Maine and back for the 10th time. When I hit mile 100 I stopped and sprayed 100 on the road with my water bottle!  So I revised my goal to ride 100 centuries on the Seven and this past July and the mission was accomplished! In fact it was the 24th time I did that century.

Well I’m not a bike racer or world traveler on the bike but a proud owner of my Seven Axiom. In fact all the Seven centuries were done on New England roads. I have 36,750 miles on it to date averaging over 2,800 miles per year. Two were double metrics the 200K Boston Brevet and Seven Hills Wheelmen’s Tour of the Quabbin.

Anyway just a very satisfied customer letting you know!


Changing Lives – The Update on Paul’s Axiom SL

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Paul, on the Front

Paul wrote to us just after he got his Axiom SL. It was a nice note. He liked his bike. We are fortunate to receive messages like this. It means we are doing what we set out to do.

Paul’s follow up note was something special though.

He says:

Hey Seven,

I just wanted to check in and let you know how my Seven has affected my life.  Since taking delivery of my Seven I have ridden more miles than I could ever have anticipated.  I have lost over 70 lbs and I have had experiences I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams.  I recently completed a 500 mile ride from San Jose CA. to Redondo Beach CA in 5 days.  The Seven performed as designed and it was an experience I will never forget.  Thank you for your dedication to creating my bike which has changed my life.



To be clear, Paul did the hard work. He pedaled. We only gave him a bike that fit him, that looked the way he wanted it to look, that rode the way he wanted it to ride. We played a small part, but even that small part is extremely gratifying. More important, in many ways, than building bikes, is just simply helping people love cycling.

Sean at the Cent Cols Challenge

Monday, October 19th, 2015

SeanCodyThis is Sean’s Axiom SL, cooked up with our good friends at Cyclefit in Covent Garden, London. We had a really nice note from him in the spring about his bike, and here is an end-of-summer follow up. This one was too good not to post:

Hi Jimmy, Neil and John.

I hope you’ve all had as good a summer as I have. As per Jimmy’s request below, I just wanted to let you know that my Axiom SL continues to fulfill my every wish – I take back nothing of what I wrote in May.

My main goal this year was the Cent Cols Challenge, Cevennes edition. I’m 1 week back from it, and I can say that the bike performed beautifully – the roads were often harsh and broken, and the days were long, and while I was generally pretty shattered at the end of a day, I’m more than pleased with how the frame rode. Stiff, yes, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Next time I’ll probably put 25/28c tyres on it, but that’s a learning experience. It really is everything I wanted in a bike, and I have to say that amongst the sea of off the peg carbon bikes, it really stood out – I lost count of the number of times people said “What sort of bike is that? … Man, that’s a really nice frame”

As is customary, I thought I’d attach a photograph – well, 80 photographs, actually. 80 of the 100 cols climbed over the 10 days, with the bike against each col marker sign.

Again, massive thanks to all you guys, and the teams at Seven and Cyclefit… So very happy with my ride.

Quick stats:
10 days of riding
1800km distance (give or take)
36000m of climbing (give or take)


Fran’s Ti Axiom (16yrs later)

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

People send us pictures of their bikes. This is common. Usually it’s a month or two after they’ve picked it up from their shop. They’ve ridden it a bit, and they write in to tell us they love it. It’s nice.

Fran has taken a slightly unconventional approach to this sort of note, as you’ll see below. We actually delivered his Ti Axiom in 1999. IMAG0422Hello,

I’ve been meaning to write this for some time…years really.

My bike was built in the 2000/2001 time frame. I remember speaking to someone on the phone back when I ordered the bike and the comment I made was that I’m looking for the best all around bike that I’ll never need to replace. You guys delivered!

A bad knee is what got me on a bike and I hadn’t been riding long when I got my 7. I was in my late 30’s when I took delivery. As an adult I had been on 2 steel and 1 aluminum frames prior to the 7. I still remember taking it out on the road the first time and thinking OMG how is this possible…it’s just a bike! What a beast!

IMAG0428I used to ride a lot in those days. Whether taking a leisurely ride, a testosterone ride, climbing, a century(or more) or whatever the bike has always been a pleasure to pedal. I’d take it to my LBS and people would just stare. My wife would get sick of hearing me talk about the bike.

I’m now 53. Last time I had need to bring the bike to the LBS people still stared though more to comment on the “old technology”. After many surgeries the knee has interfered, or

I’ve allowed it to interfere, with many things including riding. I recently had a sunny weekend at the Cape and had the presence of mind to dust off the bike and take it with me. First ride in a very long while and all I could think was OMG how is this possible…it’s just a bike! It’s still a beast!

So again…thanks…you delivered.

Axiom s/n 5509I17 (still referred to by my wife as “The Mistress”)

The Places We Go

Friday, August 21st, 2015


Because we build our bikes one-at-time, for their riders, we don’t have to manage an inventory of anything other than raw materials. That allows us to build the bikes riders want instead of trying to guess what they want or trying to convince them to buy what we have already built.

The challenges our riders have been taking on this last year really bring home to us how the way we do things allows our customers to lead us forward, to take us where they want us to go.

Mike Bybee rode from Arizona to Canada on his Sola SL bike-packing rig. Brad rode across the US, from Oregon to Virginia on his Evergreen SL, set up for loaded randonneuring. We rode in Yorkshire and on the Isle of Man. Matt Roy and David Wilcox attempted a 1000km brevet in the worst heat wave the Pacific Northwest has seen in decades. Daniel Sharp rode the Oregon Outback. Seven was at the Mt.Evans Hill Climb, in the Pyrenees and at Dirty Kanza. Sevens have been ridden through the night, through two full centuries, around Lake Michigan, through Paris and over the Paris-Roubaix cobbles.

Sometimes we shake our heads in wonder at all of it. What ends up happening is that, as much as guide Seven riders through the process of designing their bike, they guide us through the world of cycling. They show us what is possible and change our own ideas about what a bike can be.

Image: Daniel Sharp