Berlin Show Bike

Designed specifically for the city of Berlin, this urban bike is equipped to do anything in the city.  This Elium SLX show bike is one part commuter, one part urban bike, one part utility bike, and three parts style.

For the commuter, this bike includes:

  • Belt drive for an extremely low-maintenance drive train
  • Internally geared hub
  • Full fenders and belt guard modified and painted to match the bike


For utility purposes, this machine has:

  • Integrated custom titanium rear rack
  • Custom titanium double kickstand
  • Lighting system uses a hub dynamo generator


The style of this bike is very utility-urban:

  • Unification of titanium and carbon fiber
  • Integrated headlight and taillight
  • Very stylized custom Seven Tiberius handlebar
  • Every element of the bike is customized, tailored painted and matched in some way


For urban riding, this bike provides:

  • Compact titanium custom flat bars
  • Super light construction- even with the fenders and rack

To see additional photos and learn more about how this bike was designed and built, please visit¬†Rob’s blog.


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