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The Weight of Experience

We have every order that’s ever been phoned, faxed or emailed to us here at Seven. When a rider orders a second or third or eighth bike from us, we pull their archived orders and combine them so we can factor everything we know into the new build. Building one bike at a time, this one of the ways experience accrues.

We keep all the orders in manilla folders, one for each bike, in a long line of file cabinets, alphabetized and labeled by year. Each order is mirrored in our database, but we keep the paper because it helps us capture every detail and have hard back up for power outages or digital meltdowns.

There are 30 cabinets spanning our history. Pull the orders out and you’d get a pile 240 feet high. Altogether, they weigh roughly 5,000 lbs (2275kg). More than two tons.

This is the weight of our experience. We don’t know a ton about custom bike building. We know two tons.

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