Steve’s Sola SL

This is Steve’s Sola SL, spec’d and delivered by our buddy Chris at Robinson Wheel Works in San Leandro, CA. Steve has already, evidently, taken it where it’s supposed to go. His kind words below…

IMG_0257Hey Guys,

I finally picked up my Seven.

Thanks for helping walk me through getting my Sola SL.  You guys are awesome. Chris at RWW is truly the King.

I can only summarize in two words. Bad ass.

It fits perfect and the ride is … What can I say.  Perfect.

Best Regards,


Inheritance and Tribute

This is Mac’s bike after a recent refit and refurb. This one belonged originally to his father-in-law, but we’ll let you read it in Mac’s words below. Suffice it to say, we’re really happy to be a small part of this story.IMG_2682Hi Seven,

Wanted to share the end product of my “restomod” Seven build with the new decals you guys sent – pics attached. My father in law gave me his beloved Seven when he passed away from cancer in January. It was his most prized possession IMG_4964with somewhere in the 15-20k range on it. The only thing I saved was the frame and did my dream build from there, Super Record 11 Mid-Compact, Enve Bars & Wheels, Serotta F3 fork painted to match, Etc.

I rode it on the Prouty Century benefit ride in his honor a few weeks back. I’ve never owned anything with more meaning and function than this bike and I wanted to thank you guys for building it.




One of the great gifts we receive, as bike builders, is riders who come to us with an open mind and an interest in collaborating on the design of a new bike. We try not to be in the business of telling people what they want. Better bikes come from listening.

12189841_956764771063013_411348361520900486_nThis is a challenge. We’ve been at this nearly 20 years, and while the accumulated experience of more than 30,000 builds is likely our greatest asset, there is still so much room for riders to teach us about what might make a bike great.

Open exchange like this creates buy-in on both sides, or all three sides, when you consider the bike shop who provides us with fitting and measurement data, with another set of eyes on the project. What we end up with is a bike that everyone is happy with, proud of even, because we built it together.

Ted’s Axiom SL

This is Ted’s matte black and bare Ti Axiom SL with disc brakes and Mavic Ksyrium AllRoad Disc wheels. We built this one with the good folks at Get-a-Grip Cycles in Chicago.TedDysartTed says:

Just a note to say, I just had my first long ride out here and I LOVE my SEVEN!

Incredibly comfortable and amazing in the descents.  I’m no longer terrified going downhill!

Happy, happy customer.  


Joanne’s Evergreen SL

Here is Joanne’s Evergreen SL. We built it with our good friends at Bespoke Cycles in San Francisco. This one is painted Super Hero Blue, with some Gloss Black, and Platinum accents, as well as a bare Ti rear end.

IMG_2758Joanne says:

Loving the new Evergreen SL.  Felt spot-on right away.  Looking forward to adding gravel and dirt to my adventures.