Seven in Chicago Magazine

We were fortunate to be featured in Chicago Magazine this last month, with a little help from our friends at Get-a-Grip Cycles. With a two-page spread of our (actually rider Shawn Briggs’) 622 SLX, the piece does a nice job of quickly dissecting what goes into a bike customized to the nines. Many potential riders can by put off by a price tag, without considering all the components that go into it, and the long term value you get from designing and building the right thing the first timChicagoMag2e.ChicagoMag1


Joe Cruz, the Treeline SL Early Review

Our buddy Joe is a bike-packer of some skill and repute. Regular readers will recall that we built him a Treeline SL recently, in advance of a trip to Alaska (more on that to come). Now that he’s back, we’ve received an early review of the bike that we thought worth sharing.

JCTSL1Hey Seven, 

Though I’ve had the Treeline for over a month, I’d only ever ridden it in Alaska on frozen rivers and snowmobile trails with a full load. It was fantastic in that context, the most perfect adventure bike I’ve been on.  

JCTSL2But tonight I joined up with our Thursday Night Mountain Bike Worlds and rode it unladen. Holy s*%t: that bike rips. I pointed it down chaotic corkscrew chunky pitches and it just carves and carves. The geo is brilliant, super fast turning but so easy to throw your hips to stand it back up it seemed like cheating.  So many thanks for your hard work.  

More soon,


Robert’s Axiom SL

Here’s an Axiom SL we built with our old buddy Karl at True Cyclery in New Haven, CT.

CassotRobert writes:


Karl just delivered my new Axiom SL. It is gorgeous! Thank you for the excellent bike. I was very concerned as you know about the aesthetics of such a big bike, but the design and workmanship was tremendous. And Karl was superb throughout the entire process. You guys made a great team.

Now, I think I feel some sort of flu coming on. I cannot imagine I am going to be able to work in the office for a full day today.

All the best.





A Moment to Appreciate the Bicycle

Mainly, this blog is a means of promoting what we do. This probably goes without saying, but it’s good to own that also, because the Seven Cycles project isn’t only about promoting Seven Cycles. It’s about promoting cycling in general, about celebrating the bicycle.

Seven_headbadgeSo we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the bicycle, every bicycle, without referring to any of the specific bikes we make or the wonderful people who ride them.

The bicycle gives us freedom, fitness, adventure, transportation, a means of connecting to the world around us, to our friends and families. Its simplicity means it is accessible to almost anyone, anywhere, an elegant machine that amplifies effort, producing the most amazing results.

For us, it has provided a living for nearly two decades, not only in terms of income, but also in bringing us together for a common purpose. It has drawn us closer to the greater cycling community, helped us explore our creativity, given us a focus for our craft.

Bicycles are good, and it helps not to get so caught up in what we do that we lose sight of that.

Seven on the Top Step

We had this note (and photo) from Team Seven Cycles rider Hart Robinson, who did us proud with a win over the weekend:


Bayou Boiling Point XC race was today on the banks of Arkabutla Lake in Mississippi.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  My Seven Sola SL SS did not disappoint.  The trail was tight, technical, and rooty with very short punch hills.  I managed a win among Cat 1 19-39.  My Sola SL soaked up all the bumps and left me feeling fresh.  The bike really is perfect for me.