American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Sola S - The Hardtail's Hardtail

Seven’s Sola line of mountain bikes has been a peerless constant in the hardtail category for more than 20 years. It’s been ridden at two Olympics and countless World Cup races. Today you’ll find it on six of the seven continents, and we’re not completely sure researchers aren’t riding it in Antarctica too.

Simply put, there are few mountain bikes of any make or model with this long a history and refined a pedigree.

Bike shown is representative of the offer but does not have the exact same parts kit.

The Sola S Shimano XT 1x Adventure Bike

The Sola S is the purest expression of the titanium Sola ideal, the toughest bike with a long list of personalized touches. The core strength of this bike is straight-gauge titanium (3-2.5, CWSR, seamless, ASTM B-338 grade&hellp; for you metallurgists out there) with the longest fatigue life of any titanium tubing that we have had the pleasure to run through our fatigue lab. A great bike isn’t just durable, though.

To make the Sola S special, we choose each tube in the frame to suit the needs of its owner. That means we can deliver a bike with maximized drivetrain stiffness, and still keep the front end comfortable and compliant enough to ride all day. Even better, our customized tubing selection enhances traction and improves overall bike handling by putting stiffness where you want it and flexion where you need it.

Another natural benefit of building bikes one-at-a-time, is that we can make the Sola S a full-tilt race bike or configure it for adventure and expedition riding. The soul of this machine is versatility, utility, durability, and fun. It travels well. It’s a great climber, and it will do endurance riding with a simple swap of handlebars and wheels.

The Sola S build of the moment is a boost-spaced, two-wheel configuration. It takes 27.5 x 3” tires and 29 x 2.4. It’s an adventure bike. It’s a cross-country bike. You can race it. You can ride it on sand and snow. See below for an offer to make this build even more exciting.

Who is this bike good for?

The Sola S is great for riders who:

  1. Are rough on their bikes, or
  2. Are large and put out a lot of power, or
  3. Want to race and bikepack on the same bike, or
  4. Want a custom geometry but might be budget constrained.

Bike Specification Details

  • Frame - Sola S custom titanium
  • Groupset - Shimano XT 1x mechanical shifting with hydraulic brakes
  • Fork - Fox Float 32
  • Stem - Seven 3D Forged
  • Bar - Thomson Alloy Trail
  • Post - Thomson Elite
  • Wheelset - Mavic Crossride
  • Tires - Conti Mountain King
  • Headset - Cane Creek 40

Possible Second Wheelset Upgrades:

  • Chris King/RaceFace ARC30 - $999 retail, just $499
  • Industry 9 Trail 270 - $1225 retail, just $600


Email us with your questions about this bike.

Special Offers with this Bike

In addition to this bike being a unique design with a curated parts kit, we’re including some unique elements and discounts at total retail value of over $1,000 in discounts including:

  • $230 package discount on the complete bike.
  • 50% off a second set of wheels, incuding tires, tubes, rotors and cassette for a total average value of over $1,000.
  • A place in our build queue so you’ll have no delays.
  • 5-week lead-time. Once we’ve confirmed the design with you, your bike will be ready to ride within three weeks. Seven’s current lead-time is about to hit 6-weeks, so reserve your expedited lead-time before it’s too late. You’ll get your bike twice as fast as anyone else.

Deadline to Order Your Bike

This offer ends on Saturday, June 30 at midnight. Once that date passes, this offer will be gone forever. It’s now or never.

Fine Print

  • Deadline: Offer ends on 30 June.
  • Parts specifications and pricing subject to change based on availability in real-time.
  • This offer is available on complete Seven bikes only.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer from Seven or your retailer. This offer is not available for a bike that you’ve already ordered but that you have not yet taken delivery of from Seven.
  • Prices do not include pedals, water bottle cages, or any accessories that may appear in photos representing this bike or project.
  • Lead-time does not include design time prior to you signing off on the final frame specifications and parts kit to release blueprint to the framebuilding team. Lead-time does not include bike assembly time at the retailer.
  • Prices shown do not include taxes, insurance, shipping charges, or possible assembly charges by your retailer.