American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Model Name Map

Naming a bike is hard. You want to communicate something about what the bike will look like or what it will do. It has to be catchy. It has to be easy to pronounce. I has to not mean something obscene in a language you don’t speak. Over the years we have tried different names for some of our bikes, and it can be confusing to those who are trying to understand what their bike is called now, or those who want replacement decals.

We’ve created this simple name map to clarify the naming for our various models through the years.

Model NameMaterialPrevious Name(s)
622 SLXcarbon with titanium lugsnone
622 SLtitanium & carbonElium SLX, Elium SG, Elium Race, Elium
622 Stitanium & carbonElium SL, ID8, Odonata
Axiom SLXtitanium, ultrabuttedAlta, Aerios
Axiom StitaniumAlaris SG, Alaris Race, Alaris, S-8
Axiomsteel, multibuttedAxiom Steel, Resolute SLX, Axiom
Road Mid-Reach
Redsky PROcarbon with titanium lugsnone
Redsky SLXtitanium, ultrabuttednone
Redsky SLtitanium, double-buttednone
Redsky Stitaniumnone
Redskysteel, multibuttednone
Mixed Terrain
Evergreen PROcarbon with titanium lugsnone
Evergreen SLXtitanium, ultrabuttednone
Evergreen SLtitanium, double-buttednone
Evergreen Stitaniumnone
Evergreensteel, multibuttednone
Airheart PRO SLcarbon with titanium lugsnone
Airheart PROcarbon with titanium lugsnone
Airheart SLXtitanium, ultrabuttednone
Airheart SLtitanium, double-buttednone
Airheart Stitaniumnone
Airheartsteel, multibuttednone
Expat SLtitanium, double-buttedHalcyon SL, Vacanza
Expat StitaniumHalcyon S, Muse
Expatsteel, multibuttedHalcyon, Vacanza Steel
Commuter and Urban
Greenway SLtitanium, double-buttedCafe Racer SL, Parcours
Greenway StitaniumCafe Racer S, Mokeefe
Greenwaysteel, multibuttedCafe Racer, Parcours Steel
Mudhoney PROcarbon with titanium lugsIMX ‘cross
Mudhoney SLXtitanium, ultrabuttednone
Mudhoney SLtitanium, double-buttedTsunami
Mudhoney StitaniumMudhoney, Muse
Mudhoneysteel, multibuttedTsunami Steel
622m SLXcarbon with titanium lugsnone
622m SLtitanium & carbonSola PRO, IMX SL, IMX
Sola SLXtitanium ultrabuttedSola Gold, Olympic Sola
Sola SLtitanium, double-buttedSola
Sola StitaniumVerve
Treeline SLtitanium, double-buttednone
Mobius SLmountain: suspension titaniumnone
Tandem: Road
Axiom SL 007titanium, double buttedAxiom 007 SL
Axiom 007titaniumResolute 007
Tandem: Mixed-Terrain
Evergreen SL 007titanium, double buttedEvergreen 007 SL
Tandem: Mountain
Sola SL 007titanium, double buttedSola 007 SL
Sola 007steel, multiubuttedZeal 007
Previous Models
Model Name(s)Discipline/Material
Diamas SLX, Diamas SL, Diamas S, V II, Triadroad: carbon
Kameha SLX, Kameha SLtriathlon: carbon
Odonata Steelroad: steel and carbon
Lumaroad: titanium & carbon
Teresmountain: short travel suspension titanium
Duomountain: suspension titanium
Duo-Luxmountain: suspension titanium, double-butted
Duo 5.0mountain: suspension titanium
Duo 6.5mountain: suspension titanium