Limited Edition Models

Every so often, we offer something out of the ordinary. We call them Limited Edition models. Designed to commemorate a special event, or to realize a unique design mission, they are an exclusive offering that is typically available for a short period of time.

Each one is special, so we decided to create a gallery to showcase them all. Click on an image to learn more, and keep checking back to see new additions.

Limited Edition Giro Collaborative Bike

May 2010
Ride Studio has collaborated with Cascade Bicycle Studio and Seven Cycles to create a limited edition Giro d'Italia inspired race bike.

Limited Edition Good Men Project Diamas

November 2009
A limited edition Diamas SLX whose sale will benefit the Good Men Project.

Limited Edition Diamas 96 TT™

July 2009
In celebration of the 2009 Tour.

Azure Sola

April 2009
Sea Otter Inspired Bike Designed with Equal Parts Style and Performance.

Portuguese Coat of Arms

February 2009
A Limited Edition Sola Gold designed for our friends in Portugal.

CBS Star-Crossed

September 2008
Limited Edition bike for Seattle’s Star Crossed cyclocross race.

Seven-95 Tour Axiom SG

July 2008
In celebration of the 95th Tour de France.

Tenth Anniversary Sola

November 2007
Special edition of an enduring mountain bike with numerous accolades.

Tenth Anniversary ID8

November 2007
A ground-breaking blend of carbon and titanium reaches its decentennial.