Expat SL

titanium, double butted

Three-Season Expat SL

Our premier touring bike, the Expat SL features butted titanium to help lighten the load and smooth out the road. Lively, yet stable, comfortable, and capable, it will urge you on over those final miles of a long day in the saddle.

Four Season Expat SL

This Expat SL is your year around, all around, winter ready bike. With plenty of room for studded tires and big fenders, this is a bike that you won't regret being on, even under the worst weather conditions. The durable components won't mind either - the salt, sleet, and snow. It's slightly more upright geometry will keep your wheels on the ground over icy roads and with heavy loads.



Touring, Commuter and Urban

Average Frame Weight:

3.2 lbs.


Seven's Argen™ Double Butted 3-2.5 Titanium

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“Once I saw how beautiful the welds were, how perfectly and lovingly the frames were made, I had to have one.”