American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Axiom 007

steel, multibutted

Our steel road tandem features our exclusive Origin™ butted steel tubeset and a host of tandem-specific features, like an eccentric bottom bracket and a lateral tube design for torsional rigidity and light weight.


Usage: Road Racing, Fast Group Ride, Touring

Average Frame Weight (lbs.): 8.9

Tubeset: Seven’s Origin™ Butted Steel

Features and Options

Standard Features: basic paint

Optional Features: 44mm head tube, pump peg, chain hanger, rack mounts, fender mounts, third bottle mount, cable routing options, electronic shifting, 650b wheel, custom name decal

Optional Features with Upcharge: single speed version, Rohloff hub, carbon belt drive, S&S BTC couplers, custom color decals, custom paint

For a comprehensive matrix of features and options for all Seven models, please visit the features and options page.

Sevens can be built with your choice of components. For details and price quotes, please contact your retailer.

“This is the most unbelievable tandem bicycle I have ever ridden… it absolutely rides like you are on air.”
–Ken, Indiana