U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

622m XX 29", 27.5", or 26"

carbon with titanium lugs

622m XX

Basic Build Kit

XC DoubleXC SingleBike Pack DoubleBike Pack Single
ForkFox Float 32Salsa Firestarter Steel
StemSeven Aluminum 3D forged superlight
BarThompson Aluminum TrailSalsa Woodchipper 3 (drop bar)
PostThompson Elite
Wheel SetMavic CrossRide
TiresContinental Mountain King Sport
HeadsetCane Creek 40
CrankGroup MatchingWhite Industries Eno 44/28Group Matching
BrakesGroup Matching
SaddleFizik Antares

The most refined mountain bike in our line-up, a perfect pairing of filtered feedback and power transfer that comes from filament wound carbon fiber mated to laser cut titanium lugs. Superior traction comes from the Ti chainstays, and the perfect compliance of this frame allow you to body it around tight turns like no other bike we make.


Usage: Mountain Race, Mountain Endurance

Average Frame Weight (lbs.): 2.8

Tubeset: Seven’s Cirrus TC™ Carbon Fiber and Titanium

Features and Options

Optional Features: fender mounts, third bottle mount, cable routing options, electronic shifting, 26, 27.5, 29 wheel, custom name decal

Optional Features with Upcharge: single speed version, carbon belt drive, custom color decals, custom paint

Sevens can be built with your choice of components. For details and price quotes, please contact your retailer.

“You are guaranteed to get exactly the mountain bike you’ve always wanted from the folks in Watertown.”