622 SLX

carbon with titanium lugs

The 622 SLX is the culmination of more than two decades of bike building experience, a sculptural blend of titanium and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber makes it light and stiff. The titanium gives it a lively ride quality and a durability that belies its aesthetic appeal. The end product is race ready, but at home on any group or solo ride.

Thoughts on the 622

by Joe W.

In the day to day of my job at Seven Cycles I take a handful of calls from customers who want to know the difference from one Seven frame to another. Lately it seems that the bulk of the questions have to do with the all-new 622 SLX. Talking technically and philosophically about what makes each model special, requires me ride each and every one to appreciate the differences. The questions for this bike came long before I had a chance to ride one. I could infer from the look and the material makeup what riding it would be like, but as I have found so many times, you really have to spend some time in the saddle to get a true understanding of the bikes unique feel.

In general, callers want to compare the Elium SLX to the 622 SLX. Lucky for me, Iíve spent significant time on an Elium SLX over the past few years, and would only need a few miles on the 622 before the differences would start to present themselves. I demoed a 622 for about a week and immediately fell in love with it. My first couple of rides were on my usual weekday morning 25 milers, nothing fancy, but served to help me notice the subtle differences from my other bikes. I enjoyed the stiff, snappy feel of the 622 SLX but feared that all that response could only be possible if a certain degree of compliance was sacrificed. Head to head, the 622 SLX gave me the sense that it may not be so forgiving in the late miles of an all day epic… so I took it on an all day epic.

What surprised me the most about the 622 was how good I felt at the end of a long ride; I was fatigued, but not beat up. The frames stiffness seemed to keep me from wasting energy as I pedaled, but it somehow became more comfortable as the day went on. Climbing on a 15lb bike is not always as wonderful as it sounds, but the 622 passed that test with flying colors. The bike tracked perfectly and even urged me to push it faster down hills. At cruising speeds on the long flat sections of the ride I was easily able to hold a wheel and take turns in front as needed. The bottom line is that I could not find fault in this bike. Itís beautiful and Iíve yet to hear an argument to counter that. Itís light, stiff, fast, forgiving, and it handled every one of my demands without question. After 110 miles of hard riding on an unfamiliar bike I made plans for a mountain bike ride for the very next morning, and decided that I should probably have a 622 SLX of my own. The only question that remained was how I would explain this to my wife.

622 SLX

Basic Build Kit

ForkCranksetBar & StemWheel SetTiresHeadsetSaddle
Stock Carbon ForkGroup Matching*Seven AluminumMavic AksiumMichelin LithionRitchey CompPrologo Scratch Pro T2.0 (men's)
or Prologo Kappa T2.0 (women's)

* SRAM Force and Shimano Ultegra come with FSA Gossamer



Criterium, Road Racing, Fast Group Ride, Solo Ride

Average Frame Weight:

2.5 lbs.


Seven's Cirrus TC™ Carbon Fiber and Titanium

Features and Options Paint and Decals What to Look For


Subject to change without notice

Model and KitMSRP
SRAM Apexfrom $6,695
SRAM Rivalfrom $6,795
SRAM Forcefrom $6,995
SRAM Red 2012from $8,645
SRAM Red 22 Mechanicalfrom $8,645
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Rimfrom $8,645
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Discfrom $8,795
Shimano 105 5700from $6,595
Shimano Ultegra 6800from $7,095
Shimano Ultegra Di2 6770from $8,845
Shimano Dura Ace 9000from $8,745
Campagnolo Chorusfrom $7,895
Campagnolo Recordfrom $8,695
Campagnolo Super Recordfrom $9,295
Campagnolo Record EPSfrom $9,595
Campagnolo Super Record EPSfrom $10,695
"When I looked down at one point the odometer at 47 mph. Regardless, the bike was reasonably steady. But the speed doesn't reflect the all-encompassing issue: comfort. The bike is perfect." ó Bret T. Vienna, VA