American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Bicycles By Model

At Seven, where every bike is built for the person who will ride it, models can be hard to define. We really do believe that what we build is: One Bike. Yours. And yet a defined model can be a good way for the rider to begin to tell us what they want from their bike, and an easy way for us to explain all that we have to offer.

In most cases, the material and a few key features will differentiate one bike from another. For example, our gravel bikes are defined primarily by 44mm headtubes and disc brakes. The rest comes from your notion of what will make a great gravel bike.

None of our models are tied to a particular geometry, because the geometry all comes from the unique needs and preferences of the person we’re building the bike for.

If you’re confused by what you see, try using our easy-to-use WhichBike? tool.

Titanium Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes 29" or 27.5"

Redesigned from the trail up for 2019, Seven’s Balance Control System bikes outshine the competition with optimized suspension profiles for each discipline and the same custom geometry and legendary durability we’re known for. Building on our hard-tail pedigree, with appearances at multiple Olympics and World Cups, as well as three previous generations of suspension bikes, Seven’s titanium dual suspension mountain bikes represent the next step in ultimate off-road performance.

Titanium/Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bicycles 29", 27.5", or 26"

It is too simple to say that Seven’s titanium/carbon fiber mountain bikes are lighter, stiffer versions of their titanium forebears. There is a lot more going on than that. Here we have brought the artistic quality of ultra-thin, laser-cut lug work to a thoroughly contemporary carbon fiber construction. These bikes soak up big hits from obstacles on the trail, and quiet the hum of high frequency vibration coursing up through knobby tires. They are refined bikes, ready for the most brutal treatment.

Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bicycles 29", 27.5", or 26"

Seven’s titanium mountain bikes have a history littered with appearances at World Cups and Olympics. The same qualities that make our titanium so responsive on the road, translate perfectly to the trail, merciful vertical compliance wed to instantaneous power transfer, tempered with that little bit of elasticity that allows you steer with your whole body. For riders who want to feel at one with their bike, Seven’s titanium trail bikes are the perfect choice.

Steel Hardtail Mountain Bicycles 29", 27.5", or 26"

The very first Seven was a steel mountain bike built for elite racing, so these bikes are in our DNA. Our approach to both mountain bike design and building with steel have evolved dramatically over the last two decades, and so today we’re building steel mountain bikes for racing, bikepacking, endurance, and adventure. Steel has an innate comfort and durability that resonates for many riders.

Titanium/Carbon Fiber Road Bicycles

Mixing materials produces bikes that are often lighter and smoother than their single-material cousins. Here we are marrying titanium's durability and dynamic elasticity to carbon fiber’s feather-weight stiffness. The results are performance-oriented bikes that accelerate and climb well, but also do a superior job of absorbing both high and low frequency road forces.

Titanium Road Bicycles

Titanium’s superior strength-to-weight ratio, liveliness, and durability make it the best choice for a wide array of riders and riding styles. Seven’s advanced, proprietary tube-butting techniques, means we can offer titanium road bikes that are stiff enough for elite track racing or compliant enough for riders who need the plushest, most comfortable bike on the road.

Steel Road Bicycles

Steel’s classic feel, both stiff and responsive, get a modern upgrade with Seven’s unique approach to rider-specific tubing, which produces bikes that are light, fast, and tuned for the individual rider’s preferences in dozens of valuable ways. Decades of experience in fine painting techniques make these Sevens some of the most stylish on the road.

Titanium/Carbon Fiber Gravel Road Bicycles

For those looking for even more performance-oriented stiffness from their gravel bike, Seven’s titanium/carbon fiber gravel road bikes provide that perfect balance between pedal-down acceleration and competitive lightness. With titanium chainstays that enhance traction and resist wear from rocks, mud, and sand, our titanium/carbon fiber gravel bikes are race worthy, tough as nails, and easy on the eye, too.

Titanium Gravel Road Bicycles

For gravel, dirt, and every other surface you’re likely to encounter, titanium does an outstanding job of both soaking up the bumps and holding your tires on the ground, where they can create the traction you need to keep going. Built to last, to ride comfortably all day, and to be ready for more tomorrow, Seven titanium gravel road bikes are uniquely suited to the demands of the most grueling terrain you care to ride.

Steel Gravel Road Bicycles

Seven’s proprietary, ultra-butted tubesets set the standard for steel gravel bikes. Light, resilient frames that compare well with any purpose-built gravel bike, Seven’s steel gravel road bikes feature the responsiveness that riders have prized from steel frames for generations. Our in-house paint team applies the finishing touches to make these some of the best looking bikes on road or off.

Titanium/Carbon Travel Bicycles

For those who want to ride their own bike on far-flung travels, we make these beautiful bikes that break down into conveniently sized travel cases, suitable for airline check-in. Our Ti/carbon travel bikes inject a bit of performance into the travel category with durable, filament-wound carbon fiber that adds a bit of stiffness and reduces overall weight.

Titanium Travel Bicycles

All the performance of Seven’s other titanium bikes in a collapsible format made to withstand the worst a baggage handler can dish out. Adding just 300g per frame on average, the couplers have no negative effect on tube rigidity or fatigue life.

Steel Travel Bicycles

Titanium Touring Bicycles

Seven’s titanium touring bikes are defined by long-distance riding comfort and a highly personalized combination of options meant to make getting from destination-to-destination more about the ride in between. Titanium’s natural shock absorption, resilience, and bullet-proof durability make it an ideal material for touring bikes. No cost upgrades like pump pegs, chain hangers, rack and fender mounts, make your bike tour ready. Add frame bags, or any other componentry that promises to make your trip better.

Steel Touring Bicycles

From the earliest days of bicycle touring, steel has carried more riders on more adventures than any other material, and beyond the basics of frame building, there are good reasons for that. Steel loves the feel of the road, giving the rider good feedback, while remaining compliant enough to keep you comfortable for days or weeks at a time. Seven’s very modern treatment of steel improves on the bikes of the past by making a touring bike that is vastly lighter, more responsive, and more comfortable.

Titanium Commuter & Urban Bicycles

Commuters and urban bikes are often viewed as second-class citizens in a sea of high tech road and trail bikes. Seven sees them much differently. As daily riders, your commuter or urban bike needs the same level of personalization that any other bike might want, and Seven offers every flavor in this category. Drop bar, flat bar, fendered and racked. Chain drive, belt drive, internally geared or not. Titanium brings a durability to the project that other commuter and urban bikes wish they could offer, with a forgiving approach to potholes and an eye on comfort that only Seven titanium can deliver.

Steel Commuter & Urban Bicycles

Steel makes a great commuter or urban bike because it plays so well with rough roads and daily riding. And, Seven steel features all the customizability of our titanium commuter and urban bikes with paint options that help you stand out or fly under the radar.

Titanium/Carbon Cyclocross Bicycles

Seven titanium/carbon fiber cyclocross bikes reward riders with solid bike handling skills with taut, responsive handling and lightning quick acceleration. Carbon fiber provides the stiffness, while the titanium lugs give the experienced racer the ability to body the bike around tight turns. Meanwhile, our stalwart titanium chainstays provide the traction that can make or break your day on course.

Titanium Cyclocross Bicycles

For cyclocross racing, a frame’s vertical compliance, not to be confused with drivetrain stiffness, can be as important as running the right tire pressure. Going fast on a technical CX course is about maintaining traction, fine handling control in tight corners or in getting to the right line, and stomp on the pedals speed. Seven's titanium cyclocross bikes have been delivering those exact characteristics to racers all over the world for more than 20 years.

Steel Cyclocross Bicycles

The traditionalist’s choice, steel keeps cyclocross real with mud-shedding, corner-whipping purity. A popular choice for the single-speed crowd, too, a purpose-built Seven steel CX race bike will hold traction and a tight turn better than any production carbon fiber rig, and the ultra-butted, ultra-light steel tubing will surprise you with how agile it feels in technical conditions.

Titanium Tandem Bicycles

The abiding value of a custom Seven tandem is a bike that fits both captain and stoker as though the bike was built for them individually. Our cross-braced, titanium tandem frame design mitigates the extreme torsional stresses a bike built for two encounters, while the titanium’s inherent compliance maintains the bike’s comfort on long road rides, no matter the state of the roads. Available with S&S couplers to break down into two airline-approved cases, or just for more convenient storage.