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Maybe we're a little too excited about our brochure. We are bike builders after all, not marketing people. But once a year we take on the project of reinventing the company in print. It’s an odd job for us, but as a company we always take the approach, ‘if you need something, make it.’ So we sit down at our desks and we write about our bikes and about bike building. We take pictures. We lay it all out. We pour ourselves into the task and agonize over all the little design decisions, the same way we would with a new bike.

This year we have taken a fairly radical departure from the brochure strategy of past years. Instead of taking pictures of all the different bikes we build and trying to write something brief but captivating about each one, we decided to step back and document how and why we do the things we do. Rather than showcasing the end of our work, the bikes themselves, we thought to highlight the beginnings of our work, the methods, reasons and inspirations behind every Seven. What we used to do in 30 pages, we have expanded to 60 pages this time out. It is substantial.

We have titled the new book “Love to Ride.” There were about 20 alternate titles, none of which felt big enough, but this one, “Love to Ride,” hung in the air while we thought it over, testing it against the task at hand, until we smiled and knew it was right.

At root, we build bikes because we love to ride. Every frame that leaves our shop is aimed directly at that love. We want to give every Seven rider a bike they love to ride. That is the method. That is the reason. That is the inspiration. Everything that comes after is detail.

For the complete list of contributors, visit our credits page.

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Thank you for the brochure request. The package you will receive includes our brochure plus information designed to help with your bike purchase decision. Here are some questions that will help us tailor the mailing specifically for you.
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Axiom SL
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Parcour SLX
Mudhoney PRO
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Mudhoney SL
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Axiom 007 SL
Resolute 007 SLX
Sola 007 SL
Zeal 007 SLX

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Single Speed
29ers and 650b
  BTC Couplers

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Additional Notes:

Seven does not sell directly to customers—we work with authorized Seven retailers only—but we enjoy helping determine what bike will be best for you based on your intended usage and riding requirements. If you'd like to talk, give us a call—we're happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.